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For the Investor

Professional Estimate

  • We provide a professional and detailed estimate for your project
  • Clubmit Team will then upload the estimate online and our Builders will send you the Offers with their own margin profit
  • We'll create a 3D Model of your proposed building
  • No more question "why is this so expensive?" - understand the costings
  • Do the "double - check" on all Offers from other Builders!
  • Don't overpay! Stick to your budget!

For the Builder

Construction Leads

  • Download already estimated Construction Leads for CMC points
  • Set your own margin profit on downloaded estimates
  • View projects in 3D and search by region
  • Edit previously downloaded estimate if you need changes
  • Every day new projects from all over United Kingdom areas
  • Join a construction tender without leaving home!

Estimeno 2.0

  • The Best Construction Estimate Software
  • Designed for Quantity Only method which allows you to create professional estimates in just 15 minutes
  • Beautiful and clear design, which will make you be at the top
  • Create own estimates for small and big projects
  • A technology that allows you to generate estimates from any device - phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer
  • Possibility to turn on and turn off each estimate elements

What Makes Our Estimating Service Special

There are many construction cost estimating services out there, so what makes Clubmit's services special? In our quest to make our construction estimating services the best out there, we've come up with a multitude of ways to distinguish ourselves.

Methodological Approach Specifically for Construction Companies and Contractors

A lot of estimators online and estimating services in the UK aren't built from the grounds up specifically for construction companies. They're run by generalized companies targeting the construction sector as a side job only.

With our estimator online, however, you can take full advantage of an online estimator that was built from the grounds up with the construction sector in mind. We know how important it is to not only estimate the final cost of the project but also to breakdown the cost into its various components and list the most expensive material, etc. This is all possible thanks to Estimeno 2.0. It is among the best online estimators out there.

Thorough and Comprehensive

Most of the building estimators out there manage to magically give you an estimated cost, but they don't tell you the subcomponents of that cost, what process the software used, etc. The same is true for construction cost estimator services. The companies are rarely thorough and transparent, which makes their numbers untrustworthy and unreliable for many in the construction sector.

Clubmit's service and software program is different, however. We have a holistic and methodological approach to cost estimation. You'll be able to easily tell how we come up with our building estimate, the logic behind every decision, and infer the reliability of the end data. This is what our clients love about our online estimators.

Easy-to-Comprehend Presentation of the Data

There's no denying that data can become hard to read and convoluted, especially for people whose job isn't to deal with and look at data 24/7. When you are looking for construction estimating services, you're not looking to find a service that buries you in hard-to-comprehend data that you can't make heads or tails from. The presentation is almost as important as the accuracy of the data.

This is another area where Clubmit's services shine. Our build cost estimator not only accurately calculates the cost, but also creates a range of graphs and tables that makes it easy to look at and understand the various moving parts of the estimation. This makes our software fast and easy to use to come to informed decisions that will benefit your company.

Why You Need a Building Estimating Service

If you're just starting out in the construction sector or you're looking to grow, you might not be familiar with all the advantages a construction estimating service provides to your business. Here, we've outlined the three key advantages you'll business will gleam when taking full advantage of online estimators:

Learning the Feasibility of Projects

Is a project feasible? Do you need to scale down some aspects of a project? Do you need to scale up some aspects? You can't answer any of these questions without having an accurate estimate of the cost of the project. After construction cost estimating is finished, then you can start thinking about how feasible is the project, how to cut down costs, etc.

Better Money Management

Money management is the key to success in every industry -- sadly, cost overruns are especially common in the construction sector, and this frequently causes problems for both the companies and the clients. If your company has better money management than its competitors, you already have a huge advantage.

This is where Clubmit's building estimator software comes into play. By giving you detailed, accurate estimates of the projects, cost overruns will become much less likely. This will not only mean more grateful clients that will act as advertisements for your business, but it also means better contract terms generating more revenue for your business.

Better Planning

Failing to plan is planning to fail, especially in a high-risk industry like construction. Though you have to remember that for your plans to carry any weight, there need to be some prerequisites, and foremost among them is data and information. You can't come up with intelligent, detailed plans if you don't have enough information to go on.

This is another area where our construction estimating software shines through with its detailed, informative cost estimations. It can act as the basis for all your plans and strategies going forward. Having an accurate estimate of the price is absolutely vital for successful planning. Thankfully, you don't have to worry about that anymore.

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